Little Creature Cabinets

This work consists of mixed media, kinetic assemblages housed in small hand made cabinets. They are made up of found objects, mechanics, nature morte, photo and paint media with external and internal micro electronic components to produce interactive movement and sound. Each cabinet has a theme, which is realised using manufactured, found objects (such as antique model aeroplanes, old style model tin car wheels and drivers, small hand wound music boxes, etc …) and other inanimate subject matter representing a form of “nature morte” such as dead insects (spiders, cicadas).

The assemblage is then illustrated with a work in print media and/or painting, which represents a still life, portrait or landscape, sometimes real and taken from my immediate environment, sometimes made up. Finally, a soundtrack or sound design accompanies the assemblage’s movement and theme.

The stillness of individual cabinets can be interrupted, brought to life by a singular motion made in close proximity to a cabinet’s external sensor. In some cases manipulating the components of a cabinet, such as turning the wheel of a small music box will also bring it to life.

Collectors’ Edition #1, 3 & 5

Plane Down Over Kandos (Sold at auction at the Collectors’ Edition #5, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, 2018). The old twin engine fighter dives towards the Kandos landscape while small lights flicker inside the houses of the unsuspecting occupants.

The Hydro Blues (Sold at auction at the Collectors’ Edition #3, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, May 2016). The newly renovated Hydro Majestic has an unusually ghost like presence and sound coming from the rooms above.

The Light of Spring (Sold at auction at the Collectors’ Edition #1, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Spring 2014). The Bogong moth heads for the light as you draw near. It retreats as you move away.

The annual fundraising exhibition Collectors’ Edition has become a highlight of the Blue Mountains City Art Gallery’s calendar, with a great response from both artists and bidders.  The sale of works in the previous four exhibitions contributed over $63,000 towards the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Collection Acquisition Fund