Full moon over Venice

This new work takes its setting and name from a recent artist residency I had for two weeks in October 2023 at the Venezia Contemporanea La Storta studio and exhibition spaces, Ghetto Vecchio, Cannaregio Venice, Italy. 

The full moon setting was captured one evening (on October the 27th, 2023) on a walk along the Strada Nova with darling wife, Solange. We were on our way to Teatro Goldoni for a concert discovering the music of Ennio Morricone, performed by The Ensemble Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Giacomo Loprieno. An unforgettable experience for both of us with a wonderful view of the orchestra in the recently renovated Teatro. We were there to celebrate Solange’s birthday and the small hand cranked music box which accompanies this work was given to her as a gift from the Residency organisers.The flickering yellow light in the right hand corner of the video scene (shown below) is also replicated in the illuminated assemblage with a battery operated T-Light.

Medium: Illuminated mixed media assemblage – acrylic paint, photo media (print on canvas), wooden frame & housing, atelier satin varnish, hand cranked music box, 2 LED battery operated T-lights. Back panel pulls open to switch light on/off.

‘Full Moon Over Venice’ will be exhibited as part of The Collectors’ Edition #10 auction at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. Bidding commences on the opening night of Friday the 9th of February and concludes on the closing night auction of Friday the 1st of March 2024. Silent bidding will take place via the online platform, GalaBid. Each artwork will have a QR code that takes the bidder to a bidding page where the artist’s work can be seen by a much larger audience. To register for the online bidding go here: https://bluemountainsculturalcentre.com.au/exhibition/collectors-edition-10/

Strada Nova

Teatro Goldoni

Full moon over Venice with hand cranked music box ….

Back door ….

Full moon over Venice