A mixed media video projection & interactive sound installation by Damian Castaldi & Solange Kershaw.

Sculpture at Scenic World opened on Thursday the 1st of April 2021. The 9th annual exhibition was again set amongst the towering rainforest in the heart of the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains. The outdoor, location based exhibition captured the imagination of young and old with dozens of thought-provoking artworks from emerging and established artists. The exhibition ran for the full month from April the 1st to May the 2nd 2021.

rainFalls is an ode to the senses and a rich audio-visual experience. Picture the world as green as where you are now. Rest your elbows on the rail and bring your hands to your ears. Let the sound of thunder and rain travel through your body and watch it fall beyond.

Damian Castaldi and Solange Kershaw are established Blue Mountains artists who also collaborate as The Last Bureau. They bring together their combined practices in creative programming, sound design, audio-visual installation and sculpture to create and produce public works of art.

Video Loop on a Raspberry Pi installed inside the Laser projectors waterproof housing
Elbow rail with two Bass Shaker enclosures fabricated by Bradley Allen-Waters

See the c o n d u c t post on this website for more information and ongoing research.

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Tech List includes audio, electronic and video projection components:

1 x BSA-200 Dayton 200W Bass-Shaker bridgeable stereo amplifier with remote.

2 x Dayton 100mm tactile bass shakers

1 x 60W mono outdoor speaker

1 x Maxbotix Range Finder

1 x Arduino Uno R3

1 x Adafruit Wave shield for Arduino Kit [v1.1]

1 x 16G flash drive

1 x Raspberry Pi Model B+, Power supply, Micro SD Card with QuickTime video file.

2 x 9V power supplies

2 x weatherproof IP65 adaptable box 225mm x 225mm x 100mm

1 x weatherproof IP65 adaptable box 300mm x 300mm x 150mm

1 x Hand Rail design and fabrication by M&B DESIGN

1 x Epson EB-L610U LCD High Brightness Full HD Laser Projector 

1 x Custom built Projector enclosure IP65 rated. Includes 2 x Fan ventilation and a glass lens cover

We would like to thank
Justin Morrissey and the onsite installation team,
Our projection technical Consultants – illuminart and
Audio Rail Fabrication – Bradley Allen-Waters