Tambourine Bay

Red Thunder

Orange Birds

Blue Wind

A 3 channel percussive audiovisual installation

This Internet based interactive video work situates the user inside a virtual apartment. They are isolated and looking out over Tambourine Bay on the Lane Cove river in Sydney’s inner western suburbs. A bird flies back and forth in front of their window compounding their own loss of freedom and ability to move in a normally vibrant and busy community. A heavy wind blows solid clouds back and forth across the otherwise silent landscape whilst a dangerous spark of thunder flashes lightning into the foreground illuminating a blood red sky as if doomsday were truely upon us. 

Each of these scenes is available for the user to manipulate in a web browser. They can’t go outside but they can transform it from within. To alter the time and space of their exterior world they can speed up or slow down in a dramatic manner the bird’s flight, the movement of the clouds and the strike of lightning. Mouse control will create slow motion down to almost freeze frame and start up again in a manic fast forward/backward motion.

The video, images, music, graphics and sound design are original work. The video was shot spontaneously, compiled with some thought in the layering of frames and graphics. The music and sound design was created and experimented with in its duration, frequency, synthesis, movement, melody and rhythm.


1) Click on or around the words play music and/or play sfx to play video / audio. Play music and sfx at the same time or separately. Click again to stop video / audio.

2) Move mouse up around words click-drag to adjust speed. Then click-drag mouse to the right or left towards the fast or slow arrows to speed up or slow down the video.

Note: Move mouse anywhere up to the top of the black lamp to adjust the speed. Mouse movement above the lamp does nothing.

3) Click-drag the mouse hard left or hard right within the frame to create more extreme motion effects. The further the click-drag the video becomes hyper slow or hyper fast.

4) All three videos can be opened at the same time in different browser windows.