Damian Castaldi and Solange Kershaw have independently produced music, soundscapes, soundtracks, sound portraits, sound installation, radio and radiophonic broadcasts together since 1999. Their debut album ‘Everything’s Always’ was released in 2005 and the three other works listed below we’re commissioned by Robyn Ravlich for the ABC Classic FM: The Listening Room.


• Everything’s Always
• Surrealism for sale
• Ghost Songs from Pekina
• Rambla 2000

Their SoundCloud account has examples of other work produced together and independently including works for the NEW IDEAS, Government House interviews, the ALTITUDE Project,  En Red 0 in Barcelona, 60 X 60 in New York, the ABC Radio National Earclips series and the ISEA festival in Minneapolis.

Enjoy DnS …

Do You Read Me (DnS)

Dogloop (D)

Hydrogen (S)

Fantasma desde Pekina (DnS)

Fencing Ranges (DnS)

H2o (S)

Whispering (D)

Surrealism 4 Sale (DnS)

Arcane Pop (D)