ACMC 2015

Date: 21 November 2015

The Australasian Computer Music Conference at the University of Technology Sydney.

Paper presentation and demonstration of the audiovisual installation ‘Play Ongaku’. READ PAPER


Video 1 – PLAY ONGAKU Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Expos√© Program exhibition, Sept/Oct 2015

P l a y  O n g a k u

An installation of 6 interactive music cabinets, which bring together sound design, random mechanical response and Ongaku, the Japanese symbol for Music. The electroacoustic cabinets trigger both soundtrack and kinetic sculptural scenes by close proximity. They respond individually (or as a group) to the viewer, sensing their motion in time within the cabinet and reacting to their close proximity. Clever audience positioning can result in an ensemble performance of all 6 cabinets.

Interaction: There is no need to touch this installation it responds to your presence by just being there (your close proximity). If you pass through the inside middle of the installation you will play each of the six interactive music cabinets.