Damian Castaldi is an avant-garde percussionist and sound artist. He combines acoustic, electronic and handmade instruments often with unique sensor interfaces to perform original music in the styles of industrial/Upbeat/Electronica & Ambient/Soundtrack.

His approach to performance is experimental, artistic, improvisational and highly structured and combines scored samples & sound design with improvised, live electronica and percussion. A soundtrack is often created using raw or processed location sound recordings, which then forms the basis to a live performance.

Recent Performances include: Knock, knock, knocking on Kandos doors, Tambourine Bay and TiYC.

In the past he has worked with the Grotesquie Monkey Choir and Even Orchestra, Ion Pearce and the Cabinet of Curiosities, Cathy Vogan and the Unconscious Collective, Tony Buck and Libido, Falling Bodies,The Rosa Giganti, Andrew Ireland, Boris Hunt, Graeme Rhodes, the nervous_objects, Terry Burrows, Cathie Payne. He has collaborated on numerous projects with his partner Solange Kershaw as they continue to work under their artists name s o d a c a k e and media production company The Last Bureau.