#23 SoundBitesBody

#23SoundBitesBody. Saturday 6 February 2016. BigCi 82 Hanlons Road Bilpin. Initiated in the Blue Mountains as a space for experimentation between sound, installation, movement and performance artists. This time SoundBitesBody takes you to an amazing Artists’ Residency on the edge of Wollemi National Park. Featuring: Henrietta Baird (dance), Ash Baker (industrial sounds), Laurie Scott Baker (UK) (double bass, samples), Chris Caines & Jon Drummond (synth machines, video machines), Damian Castaldi (sound, electronics, percussion), Tess de Quincey (dance), WeiZen Ho (voice, body), Bang Murtala (dance), Alfira O’Sullivan (dance), Benjamin Samuels (clarinets), Alan Schacher (props, body), Hirofumi Uchino aka Defektro (noise artist), Gary Warner (sound, installations).

Featuring performances by WeiZen Ho, Alfira O’Sullivan, Tess de Quincey, Laurie Scott Baker, Damian Castaldi & Benjamin Samuels.

Damian Castaldi – Solo Percussion Performance.
Title – “Knock, knock, knocking on Kandos doors”.

This Performance combines scored samples & sound design with improvised, live electronica and cymbal. All samples were recorded in and around the streets and community of Kandos in November 2015. The Instrumentation for this performance includes an 18” China Cymbal, Raspberry Pi Model B+, fast vibration sensor switches & wire, Roland V-Drums, 2 X Arduino Uno R3, Infrared sensors, servo motors, found objects (tin car wheels, bakelite phone bell, hand made pendulums) & miscellaneous electronic components.


Thanks to WeiZen Ho, Alan Schacher, Rae Bolotin and Yuri Bolotin for hosting and organising this event.